Four In One 2000M-H Full-HD Wireless Video Transmission Kit With Hand Held Receiver and 4 Transmitter


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Is a perfect solution for wedding videographers, educators, and churches wanting to incorporate wireless technology into their workflow. This system features compressed video sent over 5G easily ensuring you can get your video feed in the most extreme situations.

The 2000M receiver can be mounted to a stand, camera, or anything with a hotshoe.  Monitor four video sources by selecting the appropriate channel. Send the signal to your designated display via HDMI or SDI out. The 2000m is ideal on set or on the go.

Wedding Videographers will enjoy the freedom and flexibility that wireless brings to their craft. Fewer cables mean more creativity. Monitor all your cameras wirelessly during the ceremony and playback ceremony footage during the reception. With the 2000M in your arsenal, you can be assured your next wedding goes off without a hitch.

Modernize your Church services without sacrificing the heart of worship. The 2000M will discreetly work behind the scenes elevating your production while the congregation is engaged. Worship directors can send video feed from the main service to the control room or out to designated areas like the child care wing. Everyone can participate in worship. No one has to miss out.

Educators will find the 2000M beneficial when conducting lectures. Speak to multiple classes at once with quickness and ease. Students will benefit from the 2000M in all three stages of video production. Whether live broadcast or guerrilla filmmaking, students will enjoy learning and utilizing wireless technology, preparing them for careers in a wireless world.

In The Box

4 x Four In One 2000M-H Full-HD Wireless Video Transmitter
1 x Four In One 2000M-H Full-HD Wireless Video Receiver
20 x Extended High Range Antennas
1 x Double Screw the Connector
1 x AC Adaptor
5 x RS232 Cable
4 x Power Supply Cable for Transmitter
1 x Power Adapter for Receiver
1 x Metal Stand


User Manual




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